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$250.00 / Person

Duration: 45-50 minutes approximately

Timing: Every hour from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm

The heliport: Heliport North Hwy 64 Grand Canyon (Arizona)


Adults :

Category: .

Tour Description

As big as the Grand Canyon is you’ll never believe how much there is to see. And if you’ve never been on a helicopter the experience will be so much more.

Board your helicopter at the South Rim heliport and relax in comfort as you take to the skies of the gorgeous North Rim and Eastern Gorge. Soar past the Dragon Corridor and the Dragon’s head, and then discover the Kaibab Forest and the Kaibab Plateau as you fly through the widest and deepest region of the Canyon.

Photographers and non-photographers alike will fully enjoy this dazzling tour and witness amazing sights like the Painted Desert, the Zuni Corridor, and the convergence of the Little Colorado River with the Colorado River, Point Imperial, and Temple Butte. The Canyon just goes on and on from there.

45-50 minutes approximately

Every hour from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm

– Guest over 275 lbs (A-Star helicopter) or 300 lbs (EC-130 helicopter) maybe charge an additional seat
– All flights will depart with a minimum of 4 passengers.

Rate: Adult $250.00

The helicopters:
Bell helicopters. Each helicopter can accommodate a maximum of 6 passengers

The heliport:
Heliport North Hwy 64 Grand Canyon (Arizona)

Transfer to the heliport:
Not included in the rate


Security Requirements

  1. Must have a valid photo ID (i.e. - Passport or Drivers License)
  2. Must check in all bags with security
  3. No handbags or carry-on will be allowed on the flight
  4. Must walk through a metal detector
  5. Personal cameras and video cameras are allowed onboard once they clear through security
*Disposable cameras available for purchase at heliport and will be allowed onboard the aircraft as well

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