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Beach Cities


$189.00 / Person

Duration: 25 Minutes

Timing: There are daily flights every hour from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

The heliport: Compton Woodley Airport


Adults :

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Tour Description

Relax on a “California-Style” tour consisting of breathtaking narrated aerial views of some of the most beautiful cities by world famous beaches & landmarks.

This tour is one of our most popular helicopter tours; beach cities flight. Sightseer’s Dream focuses on the “South Bay” or rather the “Peninsula” of Los Angeles, a hidden gem and definitely a destination not many tourists get to see while visiting. See the beach cities and some of the most amazing homes that sit on the cliffs. Also see the beautiful green landscapes of Rolling Hills as the backdrop to LA’s Harbour, one of the most important staples to the livelihood of all of Los Angeles. See the shipping containers from the sky, the logistics industry, the beauty of Long Beach’s Harbour, the new beachfront condos being developed, the cruise ships returning from the Mexican Riviera, the historic Queen Mary and much more. This is a flight you will definitely remember; especially if you’re not from LA… your perception will change after seeing what we call “The South Bay”. It’s time to take in the wonderful smell of the sea breeze from the sky.

The helicopters: 
Bell 47, 212, Jet Rangers, Long Rangers, Eurocopter Astars & Twin Stars, Hughes 300, McDonnell Douglas and the Robinson R22 and the R44
*Each helicopter can accommodate a maximum of 6 passengers

The heliport:
Compton Woodley Airport

Transfer to the heliport:
Not included. Optional transfers rates: $ 65 per person in mini limousine

– All flights will depart with a minimum of 2 passengers . For single bookings are taken on standby basis and will be confirmed 24 H prior to departure at the latest time

25 Minutes

There are daily flights every hour from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Rate: $189.00


Security Requirements

  1. Must have a valid photo ID (i.e. - Passport or Drivers License)
  2. Must check in all bags with security
  3. No handbags or carry-on will be allowed on the flight
  4. Must walk through a metal detector
  5. Personal cameras and video cameras are allowed onboard once they clear through security
*Disposable cameras available for purchase at heliport and will be allowed onboard the aircraft as well

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