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Hollywood Strip


$199.00 / Person

Duration: 18 – 25 Minutes

Timing: There are daily flights every hour from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

The heliport: Compton Woodley Airport


Adults :

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Tour Description

See Downtown L.A.’s Skyscrapers, The Los Angeles Coliseum, The world-famous Hollywood Strip, Chinese Mann/Grumman’s Theatre, Walk of Fame, Hollywood & Highland, The Capital Records Building, all the new developments in Hollywood and especially the Hollywood Sign up-close and personal. This tour includes a unique souvenir t-shirt and framed photograph to help you cherish the memory.

The helicopters: 
Bell 47, 212, Jet Rangers, Long Rangers, Eurocopter Astars & Twin Stars, Hughes 300, McDonnell Douglas and the Robinson R22 and the R44
*Each helicopter can accommodate a maximum of 6 passengers

The heliport: Compton Woodley Airport

Transfer to the heliport:   not included. Optional transfers rates: $ 65 per person in mini limousine

– All flights will depart with a minimum of 2 passengers .For single bookings are taken on standby basis and will be confirmed 24 H prior to departure at the latest time

18 – 25 Minutes

There are daily flights every hour from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Rate: $199.00

Security Requirements

  1. Must have a valid photo ID (i.e. - Passport or Drivers License)
  2. Must check in all bags with security
  3. No handbags or carry-on will be allowed on the flight
  4. Must walk through a metal detector
  5. Personal cameras and video cameras are allowed onboard once they clear through security
*Disposable cameras available for purchase at heliport and will be allowed onboard the aircraft as well

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